Curtis Matzke

How long have you been an IFP member?

I've been a member since July 2014.

Why did you join? I moved to Chicago last February and just wanted to get more involved with the film community here. I had gone to one of the "75 Minutes with..." talks and thought it made good sense to join. I've already taken advantage of the membership by going to the filmmakers conference, various other talks, and getting to vote in the Spirit Awards.

What does it mean to you to be a filmmaker in Chicago? How does Chicago inform/influence your work? I've always had a strong connection with Chicago and thought it was a great city. My family is from here and I was born in Evanston. Chicago just feels more genuine and honest than a lot of cities. There are so many artists here just doing their own thing, which you can't do or do easily in a lot of places. For me, being a fillmmaker in Chicago is trying to follow in the tradition of people who work to create things that are both real and unique. Chicago greatly influences what I do. I'm always trying to incorporate more of what the city offers, talent, music, locations, and so on. Chicago provides a certain point of view and energy that's just different from New York and Los Angeles, for example.

What is your current project? What are you working on? And what stage of production is it in? I'm currently working on several projects at various stages of production. One is a feature documentary in post-production that's similar to American Movie titled First Feature. It's about an indie filmmaker trying to complete his film. I'm also in pre-production for a feature narrative that's a Cronenberg-esque scifi/horror film that I would like to shoot in Chicago this summer. Both projects are still in need of funding support. I'm also putting together some smaller projects, including a stop-motion short and a webseries about Chicago actors. Other than that, when I'm not working as a freelancer around the city, I'm writing and editing a lot of my own stuff and sometimes blogging about film as well.


What was the last movie you saw? The last movie I saw was my IFP screener of Citizen Four, which I thought was fantastic.

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