Drifting Towards the Crescent

Laura Stewart, director

Carrie Graham and Zoe Sua Cho, cinematographers

Zoe Sua Cho, editor

Jacob Ross, sound design

Norris Guncheon, post production supervisor


As the Mississippi River flows past the towns of Keokuk, Iowa towards Hannibal, Missouri, the birthplace of Mark Twain, an antebellum history languishes in the air. Drifting Towards the Crescent captures the place on the Mississippi River where the North begins to drift into the South. As the diesel barges ply the waters, the river no longer needs the towns, but the towns still need the river. 

This work in progress captures the essence of the narrative, moving between documentary and fiction. While the characters essentially portray their lives, parts of the film move more into the realm of cinema. 

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