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The VII Evolution Tour

  • AbelCine 2602 West 16th Street, 4th floor Chicago, IL, 60608 United States (map)

The world’s leading photojournalists from VII Photo have teamed up with the technology specialists from AbelCine to present an immersive, two-day educational program. This program examines the technology, craft and business practices of today’s successful visual storytellers. The event is structured as a combination of seminars, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking. We welcome attendees with all levels of experience and creative interests.

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Schedule of Events

VII Photographers in Attendance: Jessica Dimmock, Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv, Danny Wilcox Frazier

Additional panelists to be confirmed. Previous panelists have included Nathalie Applewhite (Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting), Emma Daly (Human Rights Watch), David Furst (NY Times), Tom Kennedy (American Society of Media Photographers), Paul Moakley (Time) and Patrick Witty (WIRED).

9:30 AM Keynote Address

A look at the future of photojournalism from a thought leader within the industry.

Keith Jenkins, General Manager, National Geographic Digital

10:30 AM Break

10:45 AM The New Market: Still and Motion

Media outlets traditionally reserved for photography have stretched their borders to include video essays and mixed media presentations, and photographers are often the creators. The New York Times Op-Docs, Red Border Films at Time and short films on the New Yorker are all places where photographers are showcasing their video work. Additionally, for the past several years, documentary films at Sundance or Academy Award nominees have been created by photographers. This is no accident – photographers excel at this visual language. The new market means that photographers are not only shooting in new ways, but that storytelling opportunities that previously excluded us are now open. This workshop will use concrete examples of work being created using the same sensibility (and often the same tools) from our photographic training. The workshop will also explore the opportunities available in a variety of formats – mixed media, short form video, and narrative length film. 

VII Photographers: Jessica Dimmock, Ron Haviv

Panelist: Peter Gilbert (Director/Producer)

11:45 AM Lunch Break

1:00 PM Evolving Audiences, Changing Markets

This is a period of intense transition in the field of photojournalism and, in particular, how we create, share and ultimately reach clients and audiences. This seminar will explore new ways to effectively work in the whirlwind of change, create interesting projects, find new clients and reach ever-broader audiences with photography and visual storytelling. There will be a special emphasis on the uses of social media to be creative and effective in the development of your vision, career and outreach.

VII Photographers: Ashley Gilbertson, Danny Wilcox Frazier

Panelist: Keith Jenkins (National Geographic Digital)

2:00 PM Break

2:15 PM Equipment Evolved: Photographer Tool Bag

This seminar will discuss the tools you need to produce hybrid visual works for the new markets and opportunities opening up to photojournalists and documentary storytellers today.

VII Photographer: Jessica Dimmock

AbelCine: Technical Specialist (To Be Confirmed)

3:15 PM Break

3:30 PM Balancing Advocacy, Journalism and Funding

As the support and space for meaningful visual journalism has shrunk in the editorial world, there are now new ways to create stories with impact and purpose, in collaboration with advocacy groups and like-minded organizations, whether large institutions or small NGOs. This seminar will provide examples of how you can make a difference and make a living.

VII Photographers: Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv

Panelist: Jennifer Choi (McCormick Foundation)

4:30 PM Reception