A Machine To Live In

Yoni Goldstein and Meredith Zielke, co-directors
Andrew Benz, cinematography

In Association with Benz Digital and Mass Ornament Films

team@ultrabrasilia.com | 734.277.7219

"A Machine To Live In” (working title) is a film about the architects of utopian cities in Brazil's remote tropical wilderness.

A Machine To Live In is an experimental documentary feature about the imaginative and material process of building one's own utopia. The film radiates outward from the space age architecture of Brasília. Like a Martian outpost, this invented city sits on a red desert plateau in Brazil's sparsely populated interior. Forecast by a prophet 500 years ago and built in a rush of national aspiration in the sixties, the new capital of Brazil is an otherworldly city complete with massive concrete domes, curvilinear spires, pyramids, and geometrically identical "superblocks." Under the direction of a single visionary architect, the idea was to design a "hyper-rational" city that would mold a hyper-rational citizenry in a country famous for its chaotic urban sprawl.

A Machine To Live In is about the cult architects, monument builders, and day laborers who navigate between these parallel spaces. It ultimately reveals how the inhabitants of these controlled environments become subjects of collective experiments in the architecture of the future - a future that's already outdated.

This film is an IFP Chicago fiscally sponsored project, with additional support provided by the Graham Foundation, the Filmmaker Fund, and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation.

For more reference media, please visit www.ultrabrasilia.com or check out their blog.

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