Meet the Panelist - Alexandra Ensign

Alexandra Ensign Photo.jpg

Alexandra Ensign stepped into the role of Programming Director for Reeling 32: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival this year, and has been working with Reeling for several years as a graphic designer as well. In addition to Reeling, Alex spent several years volunteering for CIMMFest, the Chicago International Music and Movies Festival, as an assistant programmer and filmmaker liaison. She recently transitioned careers to spend more time focusing on writing and illustration (and hopefully completing her graphic novel someday!), but for the past several years she worked at Media Process Group (with fellow panelist Bob Hercules) and was honored to assist with two upcoming documentaries, Maya Angelou: The People's Poet, and The Schools Project, a collaborative work on the controversial CPS closings. She holds a degree in Cinema and Media Studies from the University of Chicago.