Meet the Panelist - Michael Niederman

Michael Niederman, Chair, Department of Television, Columbia College Chicago

Michael Niederman is an award-winning film and video maker as well as the chair of the Television Department of Columbia College Chicago. He has taught in all areas of the department but now focuses on writing, directing and Transmedia.          

Niederman is a board member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and a founding board member of the International Digital Media and Arts Association and current President. His award-winning projects include the dramatic film “The Paled Man” which was screened nationally, and the documentaries “Voices from Northern Ireland,” shown on the PBS network, and “7 Day Wonder,” “Presumed Guilty,” and “Shades of Grey” which have all aired on WTTW-TV in Chicago.

In 1996, he served as the host of Reel Time, a thirteen-part series focusing on student film/video makers and their works produced at and broadcast on WYCC/Channel 20, Chicago. He worked extensively in corporate and educational media production, writing films and tapes for a wide variety of organizations, He has written and lectured extensively on television, popular culture and emerging narrative forms. He is currently conducting research in the area of Transmedia with a book on that topic published by Focal Press in March 2013 entitled “Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers”.