Meet the Panelist - Lawrence Daufenbach

As a production partner to the motion picture industry, Daufenbach Camera is a full service camera rental house that specializes in digital cinema. We strive to build strong and dedicated relationships with our clients and provide an intuitive and exceptional camera rental service, designed around cutting edge technology, custom design, and professional camera packages.

Our team at Daufenbach Camera has the industry experience to help your equipment planning run smoothly, efficiently, and affordably. We treat every inquiry as an opportunity to create a life long client relationship and we value the experience you have at Daufenbach from start to finish.

With multiple prep stations capable of 2D and 3D calibration, Daufenbach Camera is the ideal resource for assistants and producers alike. Located five minutes away from Downtown Chicago, our facilities are at the epicenter of production vendors and service providers.

As you prepare to tell your story, feel free to consider Daufenbach Camera as a resource to you and your crew.