Meet the Panelist - Julian Grant

"Born in London, England, I was an early cinema fan with 'King Kong' and American comics being instrumental in my passion for telling stories with pictures.  Emigrating to Canada in the 1970's I worked diligently as a skateboard enthusiast, fantasy novel devotee (discovering Tolkien, Howard and the art work of Frazetta) and began creating worlds of pictures and stories.  I graduated from York University in 1985 with a BFA in FIlm Production and immediately began working in 'Hollywood North'.  Through the late 80's and early 90's I dedicated myself to independent production, learning the ropes of distribution (with both New World and Disney as employers!) and made my first feature film, 'Bust A Move' before I was 30!  This was the picture that started it all as I was introduced to Lionsgate and began making kickboxing and erotic thrillers for them.  HBO came calling and I moved every further up the production ladder creating three World Premiere cinema showcases for them and was able to begin the Millennium as the Producer/ Director of the acclaimed mini-series, "Robocop: Prime Directives".

As reality television and production shortfalls continued in Canada, I turned to producing US Cable-driven feature films and beginning my academic career. Successful tenures at The Canadian Film Center, Sheridan College and a host of other educational facilities allowed me to transition to the USA and join the full-time faculty at Columbia College Chicago.

Today, I am an active working artist and professional educator passing on my 'no-holds-barred' production philosophies and continuing to live the dream.  I make cinema for myself now and am an evangelist for DIY and self-distribution in this new digital age. 

You will find me passionate, articulate and committed to the cause of creating stories with pictures and developing talents worldwide."