Meet the Panelist - L. Anton Seals, Jr.

L. Anton Seals Jr. is a leader of the new school, fighting for voices that are often relegated to the sidelines of change. He is dedicated to service and active engagement through the use of media arts and community organizing and economic empowerment. Anton started Seals360group a consulting group focusing on audience/community engagement, advocacy/policy and social enterprise development.

Anton has worked in a myriad of organizations  advocating for access and equity issues impacting communities of color. Anton is a graduate of the film department at Columbia College and the School for New Learning at DePaul University, where he studied social enterprises and public policy models that impact maligned communities of color.

Anton's primary focus is in community and coalition building, local food system development, impact producing documentary campaigns and educational opportunities. Anton is also one of the founders of the Revival Arts Collective, a group of Chicago artists committed to using arts and culture as a catalyst for community redevelopment.

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