Meet the Panelist - Danny Alpert

Danny Alpert is the Executive Director of Kindling Group, a leading non-profit producer of documentaries and engagement campaigns and Executive Producer of See3 Communications, the digital agency for do-gooders.

His latest film production is @home, a documentary that moves viewers from seeing homelessness is intractable to an understanding that it can be solved. Kindling is co-producing the upcoming Radical Grace, a feature documentary that follows three nuns who are so passionate about social justice, they’ll risk their place in the Church they love to remain true to their faith. Danny was Series Director and Executive Producer on The Calling, a docu-series that follows Muslim, Christian and Jewish Americans who are training for the clergy. The series aired nationally on PBS’ series Independent Lens. His previous film, A Doula Story, portrays one woman’s fierce commitment to empower pregnant teens with the skills and knowledge they need to be nurturing mothers, also aired on PBS stations across the nation. He co-produced and edited Legacy for HBO, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and a national Emmy and was an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival. Alpert also produced, directed and edited No Time to be a Child, a three-part series that aired nationally on PBS and was nominated for a national Emmy Award.  

For the past 7 years with See3, Alpert has also been creating hundreds of web videos and planning digital campaigns for social causes. NGO’s he has served include: The American Cancer Society, UNICEF, Environmental Defense Fund, the American Jewish World Service, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Planned Parenthood of New York and The WK Kellogg Foundation.