2014 Conference - Friday Session - Case Study: "The New Black"

Case Study: "The New Black" - A Friday Session at the 2014 Conference -The New Black is an award-winning documentary directed by Yoruba Richen that captures the complex intersection between faith, racial justice and LGBT rights. The New Black has been previewed, reviewed, discussed and blogged about in 140 broadcast, online and print publications ranging from The Washington Post to The Village Voice to MSNBC to NPR. The documentary had limited national theatrical release by Promised Land Film in Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. It has screened at over 60 film festivals around the world and at over 100 colleges, universities, community groups, conferences and corporations since the June 2013 premiere. Producer and Outreach Director Yvonne Welbon will present a case study of The New Black, discussing its journey from development to distribution.