2014 Conference - Friday Session - Case Study: "Finding Hope"

Case Study: "Finding Hope" - A Friday Session at the 2014 Conference - An in depth look at the Chicago-shot feature film "Finding Hope." After a tragic accident, a man is alone and without hope. He must win back the love of his life, his wife, or risk losing her forever. This sets him off on a most unusual journey that will test his morals and values. His challenge is intensified when his wife becomes entrenched in the very faith that he has turned his back on. "Finding Hope" is a dramatic love story that centers around love, values, family and faith. A feature length, SAG-AFTRA film that shot in the Chicagoland area with a local cast and crew. Scheduled to appear: Writer/Director Julian Grant, Producers & Stars Shannon & Suzette Brown; Assistant Director Brandon Lown; Moderator: David Adler, Adler Law Group