Meet the Panelist - Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown started his professional acting career back in 1999 in Los Angeles, CA.  He was fortunate to experience success rather quickly, booking an episode of NBC's hit series Friends. Soon after that, he also booked an episode of FOX's sit com Action.  As a result, Shannon became a member of SAG very early in his career.  Although his career was picking up momentum, Shannon was forced to move back to Chicago to deal with a family tragedy.  Upon his return to his home market, Shannon put his acting career on hold with the intention of moving back to the west coast to pick up where he left off.  10 years later, Shannon was still in Chicago.  In 2010, he couldn't put his passion on the back burner any longer.  He got back into the business and did so with great vigor.  Since 2010, Shannon has added to his resume that features over 60 SAG-AFTRA projects ranging from TV and commercials to short and feature films. The most recent being a feature film starring Minnie Driver, Frank Grillo, John Leguizamo, Maggie Q among others titled Conspiracy on Jekyll Island.  As a full time actor, Shannon is thrilled to be working in his home market of Chicago.