October Member Meetup - Member Screening of Among Wolves at Chicago International Film Festival

For IFP Chicago's October Member Meetup, we will be attending the final screening of AMONG WOLVES at the Chicago International Film Festival on Monday, October 24 at 6:30pm. Director Shawn Convey and Screenwriter Kevin Ripp are IFP Chicago members, so we are ecstatic to show our support! IFP Chicago Vice President John Otterbacher will lead a post-screening discussion with Shawn Convey. Stick around to converse and connect with fellow members. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets and learn more.

VENUE: AMC Theatres River East 21 (322 E Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60611)

SCREENING DATE & TIME: Monday, October 24; 6:30pm

SYNOPSIS: From Chicago’s own Shawn Convey comes this empathetic, beautifully shot profile of a humanitarian biker gang. Convey’s skilled eye captures the Balkan community of Livno and its Wolves Motorcycle Club in the aftermath of the region’s civil war. Clad in patched leather uniforms, the Wolves keep busy with a not-so-average mission: protecting the endangered wild horses of Bosnia and Herzegovina, all the while grappling with their communal trauma.

FILMMAKERS IN ATTENDANCE: Director/producer Shawn Convey, writer/producer Kevin Ripp, and subject Boško Krželj are scheduled to attend all screenings.



LANGUAGE: Bosnian, Croatian



RUN TIME: 87 minutes

DIRECTOR: Shawn Convey


PRODUCER: Shawn Convey, Gregor Streiber

EDITOR: Katharina Fiedler