IFP Chicago launches the PA Essentials Workshop Program! Sign up to be on the waitlist for our next class!

IFP Chicago is thrilled to announce our new PA Essentials Workshop! There has never been a better time to break into the Chicago film and television industry than right now. The city is booming and all types of productions - from big broadcast show to independent films - are looking for reliable people to hire. In this day long course, participants will learn the essential skills needed to become a production assistant, a entry-level position that is the first step to becoming a film professional.

The workshop covers:

  • Set protocols

  • Film Set “Lingo” 

  • Essential Tools (How to build a kit)

  • Walkie etiquette

  • Lock-downs and dealing with the public 

  • Paperwork

  • Set Safety

  • How to find work, get hired and keep getting hired. 

  • And common mistakes of Rookie PAs . .. that you will never make.

If you are interested in enrolling in the workshop,
please email info@ifpchicago.org to be added to the waitlist and we will let you know as soon as the next class is scheduled!


For our inaugural course on March 4, 2017, IFP Chicago & Free Spirit Media Pathways teamed up with Anthony Cabral, a working Assistant Director and Director’s Guild of America member to lead the course! The day long course featured instruction from Key PA Justine Marcantel, Assistant Director Stephanie E. Clemons, Director and Producer Heston Charres, Assistant Director Andy Spellman and Office Production Assistant Hayley Mellish. The small group workshop was a fast-paced, hands-on and incredibly fun introduction to the skills and information needed to get a job as a production assistant.

Check out some photos from the March 4 course: