Olympia: An Instruction Manual For How Things Work

Production Company: 30 Pictures, LLC | Producer: Lucy Manda | Executive Producer: Matthew Miller | Director: Gregory Dixon | Writer: McKenzie Chinn Cinematographer: Christopher Vinopal

Adulthood. It's a Whole Thing.

Olympia Welles has to make a choice.

Her roommate has moved out, leaving her to cover rent on an apartment she can't afford, her career as an artist has stalled before ever taking off, and her mother is sick in the hospital. Now, her oldest friend, and her boyfriend too, are starting new careers that threaten to take them far away. On the cusp of 30, everything around Olympia is changing. Now she has to decide if she's going to change with it, or get left behind.

A new kind of coming of age story, Olympia is a vivid exploration of what it means to become an adult today, and the courage it takes to become who we are.

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